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The question of 100% height comes up often, sometimes almost every day on this forum. This code sets us up for 100% height for all browsers, but now the fun begins. In fact, if you set IE5.x Mac to 100% height and width in the html css it will, due to a bug, add the height to the width!Somehow, we need to persuade the browsers to inherit this height to the divs we set up on the page.Experimentation shows that each browser needs different css prodding to do this.Even as it's improved dramatically in recent years, it continues to lose serious ground to rivals.

I've actually got a fairly complex (I hate it) table layout, but here's some stripped down code which produces the same results...

'The caption read: 'She says she wanted to be a doctor until she realized she's deathly afraid of the sight of blood, so she decided to win #Miss Universe instead #touché #welldone #stoneheartday @piawurtzbach'Only a week ago, Wurtzbach had claimed that Miss Universe remained her top priority during a live Facebook chat: 'No.

It even features a photo verification tool that let’s you verify that your photos look like you by submitting video for the site to check, that way, more of your matches will be likely to trust you.

Meanwhile, Chris Caposella, Microsoft's marketing chief, said this week that Microsoft is looking to name its new browser.

Acknowledging what a poisonous brand Internet Explorer has become, the company said it has whittled it down to four new names, all of which test better with Chrome users than "Internet Explorer." Internet Explorer has become synonymous with bugs, security problems and outdated technology.

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