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Over more than seven decades, Philip has been accused of liaisons with a Greek cabaret singer, several actresses, three peeresses of the realm, a famous TV personality, a renowned female novelist and the Queen’s cousin, Princess Alexandra.It has also been claimed he has fathered 24 illegitimate children — and even that he once had a gay fling with the former French President Valéry Giscard d’Estaing.They went on to dance the night away, cheek to cheek, at the Milroy nightclub and ended up eating scrambled eggs at dawn in Baron’s apartment.This encounter created headlines all over the world.Baron introduced his friend to actress and singer Pat Kirkwood, the highest-paid star on the London stage, with whom the photographer was in love.Her fans included King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, who invited her to Windsor Castle to perform.

It was after one of these gatherings, in October 1948, that Philip’s reputation as a royal Lothario took off.But she became the target of lurid rumours and a claim Philip had given her a white Rolls-Royce.I know for a fact that my friend Pat never owned such a vehicle.So Philip Mountbatten certainly came to marriage with more experience of the world than 21-year-old Princess Elizabeth and, among the courtiers at Buckingham Palace, this inspired grave misgivings.King George VI’s private secretary, Sir Alan (‘Tommy’) Lascelles, noted that ‘they felt [Philip] was rough, uneducated and would probably not be faithful’.

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Among numerous other women alleged to have featured in Philip’s extramarital love life were Jane, Countess of Westmorland; the novelist Dame Daphne du Maurier; the actresses Merle Oberon (pictured) and Anna Massey; and TV personality Katie Boyle There was a genuine friendship between Philip and the Manchester-born star over many decades and they were correspondents.

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