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see what i did there, without even offending anyone...

i hope lmaobut the truth is that each person is different, and not to be held to a prejudice, and they probably won't give many clues in their profile to hint at a trait like that.

If his partner won’t give an inch, a less assertive male may feel emasculated a real relationship killer for either partner.

From the assertive woman’s point of view, his shyness can translate into inhibited sexual behavior, which can easily frustrate her and lower her opinion of him as a sexual lover.

These very diverse people have different ways of communicating which can create barriers when discussing everyday minor to major, issues.

While he may feel like she should ‘be quiet for once,’ she may wish he would just “spit it out for once.” Relationships are hard.

All relationships take work, but clearly there are certain combinations that work better than others!

In this love match, perhaps it is better to concede to that popular notion “like two ships passing in the night” and steer clear of this mismatched union.

you have to treat each individually, but go by the tone they use in the profile for a hint at what they are like.

Soon enough, though, he begins to resent her gregarious, nature while she becomes frustrated with his quiet “mousy” one.

The Facts The very qualities which make up these different personalities eventually cause complications within the relationship, not the least of which is good communication.

The Dance It’s an old story: the extroverted woman is drawn to the strong and silent man, initiating the relationship.

His quiet demeanor allows her more opportunity to verbally express herself, and he enjoys her ability to take charge.

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