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Your newly appointed ABC Computers trainee wants to make a bootable floppy diskette. (Choose two.) A: Turn the CD-RW over and use the other side. Some one placed a BIOS password on a computer and forgot the password. What are the minimum hardware components required for the POST to pass? What is the main difference between AT and ATX motherboards? Which type of connectors is used on a parallel printer cable? use a high voltage probe with the monitor case open ANS: D 65.

ASCENTIA SKY is accessible via nearby REDHILL, TIONG BAHRU and QUEENSTOWN MRT Stations. Following pins are used to establish electrical connection between the microprocessor and PC or other device: a. A 168-pin DIMM package has ________ pins on each side of the package a. The memory bandwidth of the RIMM package is upto a. ASCENTIA SKY is located at 1, 3 ALEXANDRA VIEW in district 03 (Queenstown, Tiong Bahru) of Singapore.

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