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Music plays fine during the gameplay and FMVs, but there is the static buzzing at the initial menu before you choose the game. (v18) -ressurectionx Area 51 - (IMG/CCD/SUB) - Works with Standard Bios Settings, however screen is split down the middle and the right side is on the left side and vice versa. Frameskip on, Old Frameskipping on, Lazy Screen Updates on. Only problem is that the boxes sometimes fly all over the place when you go to pick them up.

No need to turn off the CDDA once you get past the menu. Messed around on the first level a bit before quitting. or 5 when you consider that Defender I and Defender II are basically the exact same game. This may be a problem if you need to transport something like on the first level of Air Attack I.

Just saying "x game works" at this point will not provide enough information for other users, and thus, i will not add it as an entry.

Finally, please state what other options you have enabled to get a certain game to run more smoothly, or at all. I don't think it was tested fully the first time.-First shut off CDDA-Then just press the psx X square buttons at the beginning where you get a black screen after the image has finished loading-Also, you will get black screens after fighting, but just push a button on the d-pad and the screen shows up-Runs better at 32 bit graphics (I can't remember the specific option under the video options because my xbox isn't here at the moment, so what I just said could be right or wrong, but just switch something that says 16 to 32) -elnino2783To get Final Fantasy 7 to show the cursor over enemies and make it run better, turn frameskip OFF and old frameskip ON -reaper527To play another disc on the multidisc games, at the end of the disc when it asks you to switch the disc, right click and go to the very last option load new disc image.

Once screen goes black for a few moments press A to start the game (v18) -sotu Alien Trilogy - (BIN/CUE) - Works with standard BIOS settings. Options menu doesn't seem to work at all for me. (v18) -ressurectionx Alien Trilogy game runs perfectly, only problem is that the music won't always start during the level. (v18) -ressurectionx Apocalypse - (IMG/CCD/SUB) - Game plays with standard BIOS settings. I was excited with the selection until I picked a game and it froze up on me. (v18) -ressurectionx Arcades Greatest Hits: Williams Collection - (IMG/CCD/SUB) - Works with standard BIOS settings. (v18) -ressurectionx Army Men: Green Rogue - (IMG/CUE/CCD/SUB) - Works with standard BIOS settings.

Sound in-game works, but skips just enough to be annoying to me. this can be fixed by pausing and unpausing the game. (v18) -ressurectionx American Pool - (BIN/CUE) - Works great with standard BIOS settings. USE BIOS VERSION 1.4 or you get horrible graphics glitches during gameplay. Played about 10 minutes without a problem, and the graphics look great with BIOS ver 1.4. This one is actually almost worth keeping, but I can't really justify the space taken up on the Box for only 6 games. (v18) -ressurectionx Arcades Greatest Hits: Midway Collection II - (IMG/CCD/SUB) - FMV looks and sounds great . None of them seem to work with the standard settings on BIOS or HLE. FMV looks and sound great, though it's a little out of sync.

Game also acts flakey when you quit a game to get back out to the menu. Just get a 2600 emulator if you need to play these games.Now in v17, using the 1.6 core, the characters are visible and the game runs very well.So simply because a game is listed as not working here, it may actually work now in versions 17 or later.Frameskip on, Old Frameskipping on, Lazy Screen Updates on. (v18) -ressurectionx Armored Core: Master of Arena - (2 Disks - Both: IMG/CCD/SUB) - Works with standard BIOS settings.Funny thing is, the version I have seems to be the game and a demo disk as well. (v18) -ressurectionx Armored Core I - (IMG) - Works with standard BIOS settings. Frameskip on, Old Frameskipping on, Lazy Screen Updates on. Gameplay is pretty smooth and voices sound great during game. (v18) -ressurectionx Army Men: Air Attack II - (BIN/CUE) - Works with standard BIOS settings. Played through the first level and gameplay is great.

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This is a copy'n'paste rebuild of deathx88's old thread, which overflowed.

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