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In the interest of privacy, I’ll name my friend Marcia.Marcia is feeling a little bit of the ‘black, single woman’ angst and she doesn’t like it.And I guess I’m just too chocolate for some brother’s… More and more of our brothers are exiling Black women from their lives and replacing them with White or ‘other than’ women…other than Black that is.” She sighed.I lamely answered, “Who the hell knows what Black men want…why don’t you do what they do—date outside of your race. “Hell my baby sisters are doing just that…in fact they don’t even look at Black men.

Most high profile Black men, athletes in particular, have White or spouses.

In this society, White women are superior, privileged and protected, simply by virtue of being White… And I don’t care if most White Women don’t happen to agree with the ideology set up by mainstream society because again, they have the luxury to oppose it.

The point is, they still enjoy the privileges that extends from it whether if they agree with it or not.

I’ve recently emerged from a twenty-seven year marriage and I have three sons and all three of them are grown.

I’m a young woman of a certain age that can stand to lose a few pounds but I’m not obese, far from it.

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