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The TV show was created by and directed by Quincy Jones. The avarenge rating on Episode 8 Episode Number808 air afternoon: 2002-12-07 More Price Is Right The Real Bachelor Reality Check Takes Flight Snow White’s Return Just for Lesbians Cloret in the Juice Bar Smarty Pants Challenge with Sum 41 Average Asian Sum 41 performs “”Still Waiting”” Episode 9 Episode Number809 atmosphere daily: 2002-12-14 Like that I Am You Lords of those Bling II Sears Portrait Studio Trina – Job Interview Jump Rope “”Terror Alert”” Kappa to get a Day O’Reilly Segment Laker Girl Bunifa Divine Dot Performance by Puddle of Mudd Episode 10 Episode Number810 air daily: 2002-12-21 Christmas Tree Commercial Whitney & Bobby’s Christmas How Winona Stole Christmas Santa’s Helper April’s Christmas Lorraine Goes Shopping Bible Dude Christmas Holiday Party Bon Jovi performs “”Bounce”” Episode 11 Episode Number811 atmosphere evening: 2003-01-18 Celebrity New Year’s Resolutions (Madden, Shaq, Madonna) Oprah’s Cash Giveaway Real ***********’ News Family Gathering Jenny Jones Again Encore – 70’s Health Film Queens of those Stone Age function “”No One Knows”” Queens of those Stone Age function “”Go With that the Flow”” Episode 12 Episode Number812 air daily: 2003-01-25 Cruise Hey, It’s Ovens For Kids Baby Jogger Glamazon Huntress Tres Vegas Calling Self-Defense Q. C Encore – Wizard of Oz: The Lost Footage Jerry O’Connell and Anthony Anderson at “”The Cure”” Jump Rope: Cell Phones Episode 13 Episode Number813 atmosphere daily: 2003-02-01 Hooked on Phonics Dating Game Love Me Better Bunifa Trading Spaces Boys Gone Wild Connie Chung Tonight Dr.

Kylie – Butt Seriously (Colonoscopy) Jamie Kennedy at “”Another Dispute”” Encore – Price is Lorright Nelly Performs “”Air Force Ones”” Episode 14 Episode Number814 atmosphere evening: 2003-02-08 People’s Court: Fightin’ Ron vs.

Hussein Mondays on CBS Reality Check – On The March Spishak Excuses ’98 Shaq Time Drama Queen Gets Mugged Encore – Politically Incorrect Marraige Episode 15 Episode Number815 atmosphere evening: 2003-02-15 Virginal Mofaz – Marital Breakdown Brought into You By Happy V. Chuckie Brown Joe Millionaire along with MAD Girls Bill O’Reilly Daredevil Premiere Book Talk Dot Valentine Encore – Trina’s Valentine Episode 16 Episode Number816 atmosphere daily: 2003-02-22 Look Who’s Talking Angela’s Canadian Cousin Ryan Seacrest intros Music Video Countdown Stuart and Doreen in a Restaurant Hidin’ In My Closet Andy Dick as Daphne Aguilera A Little Pill Called Ecstacy Lady MADtv Piano Player The Greatest Supergrass performs “”Rush Hour Soul”” Episode 17 Episode Number817 atmosphere evening: 2003-03-08 Bomb, Bomb, Bomb CSI Hidden Video Queen of all Queens Commercials From Around that the World Jump Rope: Video Games Sunny Side of all Saddam Presidential Physical Fitness Home for its Weekend Encore – Birdsitter T. T.u performs “”All that the Things She Said”” Episode 18 Episode Number818 atmosphere evening: 2003-03-15 Michael Jackson has a Reality Check Sorority Row: House Helpers The Other Half Swirly Time All-New Grand Theft Auto Entertainment Tonight Tonight Show with Eric Idle Encore – Lords of those Bling Episode 19 Episode Number819 atmosphere evening: 2003-03-22 Connie Chung Oscar Show Nominated Actress Movie Trailer Mrs.An entertaining (and often inspired) sketch-comedy series that Fox launched as its answer to 'Saturday Night Live,' with TV, movie and commercial spoofs; animated segments; and performances by musical artists. Season 8, Episode 22April 26, 2003Rusty interviews Mandy Moore; a pro golfer tees off on his caddy.Season 8, Episode 1September 14, 2002The eighth-season premiere includes parodies of “The Anna Nicole Smith Show”; “Oz” with Martha Stewart (Mo Collins); and the Nelly video “Hot in Herre.” Also: the winner of “American Idol” and the show's judges. Also: parodies of “Star Dates” and “The Honeymooners.” Music guest: Godsmack. Season 8, Episode 23May 3, 2003Missy Elliott performs.Any show aimed at an in-crowd can fall for this unintentionally, particularly if satire acquires a Misaimed Fandom. Sometimes comedy is intended in the format of "We're laughing with you, not at you," but somewhere out there, someone is laughing at you.In other cases, it's a matter of tokenism gone bad, combined with stale comedy, and possibly resulting in an Ethnic Scrappy.

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