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I had recently started escorting, and I was scouted by Toronto Grooby Producer (at the time) Kevin Dong. I was then scouted again by new Toronto Producer Vito Scalia once Kevin left Grooby.He asked me if I’d be interested in modeling for, and that if things went well, there may be opportunity to shoot a hardcore set. Does your family know you work in the porn industry and if so, how do they feel about it?I balked at starting HRT for a long time because I was conflicted about being on medication for the rest of my life. They are superficially accepting of me as being trans and who I am in general.Thankfully when I decided, I was able to start before the end of my puberty, at 17. But, I don’t have contact with them, as they can be quite inadvertently abusive, without effort to be accountable.I hope that people will focus on being kind to one another.Do you see any big differences in how trans people are treated in Canada versus America?

And here we’re still waiting to find out what it is that Red actually did!

I also think that the gender binary has been reinforced through these homogenized narratives of Male-to-Female and Female-to-Male transitions being disseminated.

I think an issue the trans community faces is the erasure of non-binary and intersex identities. I’m not sure; I’d really like to I’m just not sure if I can swing it.

Speaking of, the acting in the series is especially of note. One thing I will say, the tattoos are far superior than the salt shaker (I mean, what is that?

I’m not sure how these ladies have managed to slip under the lez-dar, but Pilon, Corbo and Landry are worthy of the After Hot 100. And I don’t want to say that , because I value my life, but I will say that the character portrayals are, at times, more genuinely queer than those of, say Hot Donna. ) and the asymmetrical hair styles, sexual tension and shower scenes are how I’d imagine an idealized lesbian living situation.

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