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However, the ending of the war is getting closer and closer, the stakes are getting higher and higher. How long does it take for the world to topple down? He feels like he's faking it, just to make the people he loves happy, to protect them. He brings with him a story of a so called girl from the future.

The scars he has will never heal, he thinks he never will either. Pj and Chris try to hide the feelings they have for each other but fail to be kept apart. Once she appears, everyone is full of questions, she brings with her modern technology, what kinds of things will be discovered? But they have to be careful with their questions, after all, they only have 24 hours.

They'll sacrifice it all just to win 1 Million Dollars on TOTAL DRAMA YOUTUBE!

Based on The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky exploring the relationship between Dan (Brad) and Phil (Patrick), two high schoolers who could only be together behind closed doors and found love at the bottom of a glass.

As interesting as his professional life seems, his personal life is equally interesting and exclusive due to the fact that he's dating the beautiful fellow You Tuber Emily Diana Ruth. " and both live and work together making video blogs and short films in their grand apartment at Bath, United Kingdom.

I wrote this when I was like 12/13, nearly eight years ago.At such a young age, he's achieved enormous success and now every lip is babbling the name of this heart throbbing personality.With two million followers on his You Tube Channel, Charlie is all set to break the records. The famous Vlogger, musician, and filmmaker, Charlie Mc Donnell is already taken! He is dating his fellow You Tuber and filmmaker Emily Diana Ruth.British You Tube star that has attained more than 2.3 million subscribers.He produced his You Tube route charlieissocoollike in Apr 2007, and it became the 1st UK channel to get one million clients.

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No major triggers or warnings The Entity has destroyed all free will on Earth, turning all humans into mindless Advocates, hellbent on slaughtering all those who will not kneel before It in submission.

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