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It had been found, along with many manuscripts including some Christian ones, in a cave sealed in 1036. CONTENT PREFACE INTRODUCTION PART I THE HISTORICAL BACKGROUND OF THE FIRST CHRISTIAN MISSION TO CHINA AN APPRAISAL OF THE EARLY CHRISTIAN LITERATURE OF CHINA Chapter 7 The Twelve Early Christian Documents Chapter 8 The Theology Reflected in the Early Missionary Literature Chapter 9 Reasons for the Ultimate Failure of the Mission BIBLIOGRAPHY FOOTNOTES A gospel-preaching church with 1,300 years of missionary experience deserves our attention.It is the purpose of this book to focus on that great missionary effort.The Church of Rome, however, called them "Nestorians," and its thirteenth-century envoys and missionaries to the Far East always referred to the churches of these early missionaries from "The Church of the East" as "Nestorian" churches. Did Nestorius himself hold it, and what was their attitude toward him?What do the nine Chinese and two Syriac manuscripts, discovered in north China this century, and the famous "Nestorian" monument inscription, discovered in 1625 by Jesuit missionaries near Ch'ang-An, reveal about their mission, theology, and particularly their christology?

The emperor gave them permission to practice their religion which he officially named the Ta Ch'in Chiao, the Ta Chinn religion.Common examples are such things as an inadequate appreciation of the spiritual deadness of the natural man, failure to recognize the necessity of heart repentance and the meaning of baptism, the temptation to consider external acts of piety as necessarily representing inner holiness, the acceptance of liturgy and form in the place of justification by faith alone and identification with Christ, compromise with the world's secularism and other people's religious practices, sacramentalism, over-identification with a particular political regime, and concern with the elite that leads to failure to reach out to the common people.As troublesome a problem as any, however, to those desiring to bring the gospel by word and deed into a foreign culture, deeply concerned to make the love and salvation of Christ understood, is the difficulty of adequately contextualizing the gospel without compromising its true meaning and uniqueness.Was there anything unique in their theology or christology which motivated this great missionary zeal?And why did this tremendous missionary effort end in failure?

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