Dating and marriage in belgium

I'd think interracial marriage is quite common.

As Belgium is a small country, located in the center of Europe, hosting several European institutions and NATO, and considering it has little resources other than the quality of its educational system and the working attitude of its people, we have built our wealth on reaching out and trade with different people and nationalities.

To get married in Belgium, either you or your future spouse must be a Belgian citizen or have been resident in Belgium for at least three months.

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You will need to prove your residential status to this authority, eg. Foreign documents may have to be authorised with an Apostille stamp, also known as 'Apostillisation' or 'legalisation', or an equivalent.

The issuing government stamps a document with a unique ID, indicating that it is a true and accurate copy for recognition abroad.

At the time of writing, in January 2015, a casual reading of the English webpage for the Belgian department of immigration suggests that foreigners can get married in Belgium with a 'class C' Schengen visa.

However, this is a misunderstanding caused by the site being under construction, and is not supported by the French texts.

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