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Take the high road rather than point out her pettiness.As I am writing this I realize I am making a big assumption - that you have been a nice guy and dated her with integrity.Get it all out; tell her everything you'd love to be able to say to her face - the good and the bad.Use this writing exercise as a therapeutic way to complete this relationship and put the email break-up behind you.But even worse than being dumped is the way she let me know it was over: she sent me an email. - Dear John Email Recipient, 27, Chicago Dear John Email Recipient, Ouch.The subject line was "hi" and then she basically wrote that she enjoyed the time we spent together, but things just did not feel "right." I want to call and ask her why she's calling it quits but I'm so peeved about breaking up with me over email that I can't stomach a conversation. Getting dumped is hard enough, but discovering you're a dumpee via your inbox is pretty cold.Say "no" to being asked out over text messages and instead of "poking" a friend you haven't talked to in a year, pick up the phone.And for Pete's sake, if you ever have to deliver bad news to someone, don't type it.

To anyone reading who has been afflicted by or is an afflicter of cowardly cyber communication, take a stand for human connection!If she hasn't been able to see you in person or get you on the phone, she might have felt this was her only way to express what she has needed to express and actually get your attention.Be willing to own your end of this situation and determine if you have set-up distancing road blocks to your communication.It sounds like she could use some coaching on her interpersonal skills, but you're not the one who should do it.Your next move depends on how much this email break-up is going to bug you. Take care." Be politely vague - believe me, vagueness drives women crazy.

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If you have acted in any jerky or insensitive ways like not calling when you say you will, not being honest about who else you are dating, making rude comments, staring at or flirting with other women repeatedly when you are out, or engaging in any other eternal bachelor behavior, then you got off easy with an email.

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