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This is transparent to anyone with basic understanding of psychology.It has nothing to do with love or even real sexuality but everything to do with power, ego and delusion, so in many ways is like psychiatry itself. One thing you would know either as a professional male psychologist or even better behavioural biologist, or an intelligent good looking male dealing with the society they find themselves in, is this: the only men or male friends reporting things like love at first sight or even falling in love are those tragic losers who are still virgins and have no experience of women."Just because we live in a prison with bars we cant see..." you do the maths.Love at first sight is a statement used by the histrionic to project their ego and self obsessed narcissism onto an external object, any external thing, ideally a person.

But whether this translates into relationships is another question. The researchers suspect, however, that one partner's intense initial experience could help shape the other person's recollection, shifting it toward a belief that he or she also experienced love at first sight. Love at first sight isn't really "love." The kind of qualities that are known to reflect love — intimacy, commitment, passion — are not particularly strong in those first moments when people say they've fallen in love at first sight.

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Of course, celebrities have no monopoly on the phenomenon; some evidence suggests that about 60 percent of people have experienced it (Naumann, 2004).

You probably have friends who swear this happened to them, or maybe you yourself just "knew" in that very first moment you laid eyes on your current partner. Rarely have scientists empirically studied love at first sight, but new research out of the Netherlands offers evidence in support of the phenomenon (Zsok, Haucke, De Wit, & Barelds, 2017).

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