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My baby had a slow bit of growth between 6 weeks and 8 weeks and measured smaller than he/she should have, and then baby had a growth spurt and at my 11w4d scan my baby measured 11w5d.This scan can give a more accurate establishment of your due date than counting from your last monthly period (LMP).You can purchase a gift voucher to the value of your choice.This can be put towards a full scan or maybe a heartbeat bear.I wouldn't be surprised if in your next scan your a little closer to what you expected to be. I KNOW for a fact that I ovulated on Monday the 18th bc I was using OPKs. However, I went for my dating scan last week and they put me at 13 wks 5 days. 29.4mm sounds more like 9 weeks though I had an early scan at 8 wks 4 days and it was 22mm. I think generally the 2 should be pretty similar, but that isn't always the case.At mine i was 11 5 by LMP, and she measured 12 weeks by gestation.It's amazing how difficult it is to get it accurate!A few of us tried to measure it and I think my readings were about 10mm different to hers! is there any chance you missed a period then concieved in next cycle? :-/ By your dates you should be around the same as me (13 weeks) or 11 weeks if you don;t count the 2 weeks they add on x I think they date u in 2 ways- by LMP and gestational age, which is by measuring baby.

Have appointment with OBGYN today for scan (haven’t had bloods yet)... One: didn’t wait the recommended 1 cycle before this pregnancy (we didn’t plan it, but things happen, please don’t judge or give shaming negative comments please, its support I’m looking for, my doctor can tell me off if it’s needed thanks 😂)..Hi Ladies I had my dating scan today and baby is measuring 9 weeks and 6 days.My last LMP was 07/04/11 so I was assuming I was in my 12th week.The unique code for the voucher will be delivered to your inbox. Segundo comunicado da instituição, a partir das h do dia 5/3/2018, todos os atendimentos dos convênios IPSEMG e IPSM estarão suspensos devido ao atraso de pagamento desde setembro de 2017.

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