Dating someone who just came out of the closet

He seemed nice enough, a little quirky but that’s common in IT, so I sent his resume to the hiring managers.

There was some interest, but then the PM heard from a very reputable source that this guy has made a very bad reputation for himself in the local industry — angering coworkers and pissing off clients.

I am pretty used to giving feedback to rejected candidates.

I know how terrible to have a great conversation with a recruiter and never hear back.

(In general, you rarely/never want to punish people; you want to your actions to be logical outcomes, but not designed to be punitive.) 5.

His emails have gotten more and more aggressive, but I have remained friendly and firm that there isn’t an opportunities. ” attaching a list of every job listing in his area (all of which are different and don’t fit his background — i.e., he has no cyber security background but wants to be the team lead). At this point, his persistence is beyond annoying and downright frustrating. You don’t have to respond to his messages, and he can continue applying and you can continue blandly rejecting him.The managers had no interest after hearing that, and he immediately went into the reject pile.I had a short call with Joe to let him know we were not going proceed for any of our open roles and left it like that (which has been 99.9% effective with my other candidates).The agency has a generous telework policy and allows us to telework several days each pay period.The government employee who supervises our contract has asked me to discipline a contract employee by cutting their telework privileges significantly due to some performance issues.

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