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West has denied the 2010 rumor about James's mom for years, and said he didn't want his son to be a junior because he didn't want other kids asking him about the incident.Pictured left is Le Bron with his mother Gloria and right, Lebron celebrating West's dunk against the Atlanta Hawks in 2009West painted the basement of the eight-bedroom home in Prince George County black and would spend hours down there.The poor performance was written off due to an elbow injury, but it was sadly for Cavs fans, the last chance they had to see Le Bron in the Wine & Blue.Though I would argue Le Bron’s performance was based more on Pierce’s lockdown D, some contend that it was actually Delonte’s D that twisted Le Bron’s universe.

Until Gloria is ready to publish her memoir’s, and Delonte is still chasing NBA contracts, I doubt we hear what if anything really happened.Wally may be one of the few in the know, having played with Le Bron in Cleveland, and on a more extended basis with Delonte for a number of seasons, including three teams, and two trades (from Boston to Seattle and then Seattle to Cleveland).On WFAN, Wally started the interview right saying he didn’t know if it was entirely true."It ain't no rumor," he told a Houston ESPN Radio station, calling the claims "absolutely true" and "absolutely horrifying." He went on: Murphy, who was once accused of sexually abusing five of his 14 daughters (who were fathered with nine different women, only one of whom he married), says James "may take time off." He also claims "there was another party...that West wasn't the only" man involved in the alleged affair.

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For those that had yet to hear, the lawyer statement only added fuel to the fire.

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