Dendrochronological dating of the uluburun ship

One of the earliest cycladic Type I ship representation is on a fragment of white marble from Naxos dated around 2500-2000 BC. Stern rises near vertically, surmounted by appendance departing obliquely aft to level out to horizontal at half its lenght. Another early large Aegean Type I ship is represented in this Cycladic terracotta "frying pan" from Syros dated around 2500-2000 BC.Two oblique projections from hull, understood as tholes. This multi-oared galley has a long vertical prow with a fish symbol mounted on top, perhaps acting as a wind vane to detect wind direction relative to the vessel.They made a boat exclusively from papyrus, an aquatic plant which can be found near water areas of Greece ( as well as on the river Nile in Egypt). The "papyrela" could easily travel from Lavrion to Milos. It has also been proven that men in the Greek prehistoric period could travel by sea using natural material offered by the domestic world of Greece and also using simple techniques such as the one of straw mats.Evidence for ship construction in Aegean Bronze Age comprises 358 catalogue entries, these being 44 models, 173 linear representations (wall paintings, vase paintings, incisions) and 141 glyptic images.It has a flat hull with undifferentiated extremities rising to posts.Triangular cross-section and distinct axial curvature. Another boat of a separate type from the contemporary Type I and Type II is represented in a scene restored from three small pottery fragments from Iolkos dated in the Middle Helladic period (about 2000-1700 BC).The Aegean were not the only trading ships at sea, of course, (*1) but they were among the most active and adventurous.A ship which show similarity with the Type I Cycladic design and with later types of hull design is one of the simbols of the still undeciphered disk from Phaistos dated 2000-1700 BC.

Note the waves shown as spirals, indicative of the orbital motion of real sea waves.

Based on the general shape of the hull this boat could be identify as a precursor of the Type IThis clay model from Palaikastro Crete dated around 3000 BC is also one of the early representation of Type I Aegean ship.

In this model the hull terminates at one in a lofty vertical or nearly vertical post, while the other, with no upright fixture at all, trails of into horizontal extension at the waterline.

Type I ships with similar design and fish symbol on top of prow are well attested in several Cycladic representation dated around 2500-2000 BC.

This type of ship was more likely the earliest wreck discovered near the island of Dokos.

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