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Sally and I are the only two young women in a medium-sized office where she is considered “intense” by others but is a very productive seller of our product.

I am middle-management administrative support for the company.

I’m not sure it is what I want to do with my career, and I’m not sure the technical fit is the best.

How many times can you turn down an offer before a company stops pursuing you? There are some companies that have that as an across-the-board policy, but that’s weird and misguided.

That said, hiring managers will usually want to understand your reasons for turning down the last offer before they move very far with you the second time, so that they can figure out if the same obstacle is likely to appear again.

Of course, the way you turned down the offer last time comes into play.

But given her behavior, you might be better off just continuing to be consistently polite but distant, not accepting any of her invitations, and hoping that she’ll eventually back off. Calling candidates without warning for surprise phone interviews Our department has been growing rapidly this past year, and we’ve been scrambling to hire a number of new specialized analysts.

As part of the interview process, the hiring manager cold calls applicants who have sent in cover letters and resumes.

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  1. While this can sometimes make you feel like you are reading a review for some new product – admittedly it can save you many hours of sifting thru less than stellar profiles.