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They pretend to not recognize each other, while fighting their attraction for each other.

He lives over an hour away, works during the week and hunts on the weekends, so seeing him regularly has been difficult. You met this guy, he’s really sweet and you like him. and you’re curious as to why he might not text you back, when it seems “written in the stars” that you’re meant to be together.

On July 7, 2014, Gong Yoo was named as an ambassador for the National Tax Service (NTS), alongside actress Ha Ji-won.

The pair modeled for promotional posters and took part in street campaigns that encourage honest tax payment in support of the NTS.

:)There are surely some dramas which you think are great but I did not post as I may not have watched them yet or forgot about them as I had watched too many. There are always special guest coming on each episodes (most of the episodes).

Do check out which guest came out on each episode The plot follows a class of high school students attempting to overcome the stress of being ranked by their exam grades, and facing the difficulties of being a teenager in a high-pressure, corrupt system.

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There’s no harm in sending him a text and just checking in if he left you hanging. if he ignores a second text from you this early in the relationship, he’s just not feeling it. Also, if you want some help figuring out if why he’s not texting back, the best thing you can do is click here to take our “Why Doesn’t He Text Back? I hope this article helped you better understand a guy’s texting habits. There is one defining moment in every relationship that determines if it will last, or if you will be left heartbroken…

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