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People flocked to explore the newest way to flirt, fantasize, and play, cyber style.

Quite expectedly, an entirely new format for socializing emerged.

The Consumer/Survivor Movement of the 1980s and 1990s brought the recovery model to the forefront and inspired change throughout the mental health system.So for a very long time, other countries have had some form of universal health care or at least the beginnings of it.The primary reason for the emergence of these programs in Europe was income stabilization and protection against the wage loss of sickness rather than payment for medical expenses, which came later.The normal process of recovery was often stilted in the United States throughout the 1940s and 1950s as state hospitals sought more to confine patients than to help them recover.Even throughout the years of deinstitutionalization that began in the 1970s, people with mental health disorders were frequently told that they would likely get worse and even lose their jobs and their friends.

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The evolution of these efforts and the reasons for their failure make for an intriguing lesson in American history, ideology, and character.

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