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different are the regional offices and headquarters of a large bank? But in others, they’re more like different planets.

Specifically, a lot of finance majors in the state want to go to NYC or immediately exit for buy-side roles, and interviewers pick up on that.

A: Around 60%, but that percentage was lower than normal because we were in an energy downturn.

In normal years, 80-90% of the Analysts in bulge-bracket energy IB groups should be able to find buy-side roles.

That proved almost impossible, so I ended up joining a tech startup, first in a finance role and later as a Product Manager. How would you summarize the recruiting differences in Houston?

A: Banks in Houston like to recruit students from schools like Texas A&M, Rice, and the top UTs because they want students who want to stay in Texas.

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My school was a “non-target” in the broad sense, but it was more of a “semi-target” for IB roles in Houston because the targeted schools there differ.

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