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They are not policy statements of the NCI or the NIH.This PDQ cancer information summary has current information about the use of Cannabis and cannabinoids in the treatment of people with cancer.Some clinical trials are open only to patients who have not started treatment.Clinical trials are listed in PDQ and can be found online at NCI's website.It is meant to inform and help patients, families, and caregivers.It does not give formal guidelines or recommendations for making decisions about health care.Editorial Boards write the PDQ cancer information summaries and keep them up to date.

Visuals Online is a collection of more than 2,000 scientific images.

Because use of users and non-users was done in over 84,000 men who took part in the California Men's Health Study.

Over 16 years of follow-up and adjusting for age, race/ethnic group and body mass index (BMI), rates of bladder cancer were found to be 45% lower in Use our clinical trial search to find NCI-supported cancer clinical trials that are accepting patients.

The information in this patient summary was taken from the health professional version, which is reviewed regularly and updated as needed, by the PDQ Integrative, Alternative, and Complementary Therapies Editorial Board.

A clinical trial is a study to answer a scientific question, such as whether one treatment is better than another.

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Physician Data Query (PDQ) is the National Cancer Institute's (NCI's) comprehensive cancer information database.

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