Is ross lynch dating olivia holt

This setup seems bleak for Kyle, who is portrayed with a remarkable wide-eyed woodenness by Disney Channel alum Lynch.

He’s the sort of guy who would be a believable lead in the late nineties or early noughties, with a phone contacts list including ‘Dom Da Bomb’ and a lament that he would have to start a new school with “no surf, no dad and no car”.

What’s the best thing about getting away from the Disney thing? I like to go off the other actors in the scene, which kind of stinks when you’re acting with someone who’s not that great.

He’s showing me his pipes, admirably crooning his way through Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” and attacking Cage the Elephant’s “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked.” His musical preferences lean toward the sunnier. Lynch’s casting as a psychopath is starting to make more sense.. It’s slightly less popular at this moment because it’s p.m. on a Sunday, which may be the better time to release some demons: whether they be the secrets to getting inside the head of a serial killer who ate his victims, or the guilty pleasure that is loving bad ’90s and early ’00s pop partly made famous by . I was writing a song in the studio, probably trying to think of lyrics, and it was buzzing in my face and, I got it. My band makes pop music, so I try and stay in the loop with all that. He brings us back from a tabloid fascination with a “serial killer” to a place of concern for a sick young man, coupled with the horror of knowing what’s to come. It’s a fascinating portrayal, and between songs and revelations of embarrassing fandom, Lynch told me how he got into the skin of one of the nation’s most notorious killers; what it’s like to leave Disney behind; and about his upcoming movie, costarring Olivia Holt and Lynch’s current IRL girlfriend, Courtney Eaton.

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