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It said these attacks resulted in millions of dollars of ransom payments.

6)Letting in migrants like Afghans, Thais and Africans whose culture is totally foreign to the existing one” “For me the top one is getting rid of “working for families” huge drain on the tax coffers. Respiratory illness is very common and people wonder why? Using the odd Maori word or wearing a greenstone around your neck does not make you Maori.

Nothing ever was sent out online, but I've now had to change my Facebook account name, shut down my Linked In out of fear of my work details being revealed and I'm afraid of what may arise in the future should I want to build a Linked In profile etc again.""I had the exact same thing happen to me.

Sent me a list of all my contacts and a copy of the video.

We picked up a distinct dissatisfaction with the justice system’s ability to deal effectively with crime, tax payers fed up with supporting a benefits culture, concerns over child welfare issues, problems with home affordability and New Zealand still being a country that’s divided on race with a lot of work to do to sort out both bigotry and racism. Thank you former governments of NZ for creating a situation conducive to creating over investment in the housing market, and making investment in the productive sector unappealing. called 3 times for the police, was even hung up on twice. Obsession with mindless sport at the expense of art/science etc. Dumbing down of education and discouraging competition.” “racism troughing MPs relaxed sentencing corrupt judges giving addicts the benefit” “Kyliekyliekylie’s top 5 things wrong with New Zealand *these arent in any specific order, they are the first things that pop into my head – i could go on – and its just my opinion.* 1 The average NZ person has no idea of the actual history of this country.

Here’s the opening question: Top 5 things wrong with New Zealand “ATTN: If you are not capable of intelligently adding to this thread, then please refrain from doing so. police turned up about 3 hours later when someone down the road called them… There is no patriotism – NZ’ers consantly argue about the Treaty, one nation, land issues etc. one eyed, biased and gossipy, where have all the good, meaty journo’s gone???

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