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Many of the silk motifs can be linked to religious motifs from Central Asia" [?

] The Persian Empire ruled until the mid-7th century, following that there were Arab and Mongol Invasions.

The mention of the fur trade made the Viking and Muslim connection stronger.

With the above discoveries of Persian silk and Arabic inscribed in the Viking burial clothes, there could be more to this cup than meets the eye.

Annika Larsson, textile archaeologist of Uppsala University who discovered this breakthrough on the Viking garments, states: Now that I am looking at Viking patterns differently, I am convinced I will find more Islamic inscriptions in the remaining fragments from these excavations, and other Viking era textiles… Maybe they appear in non-textile artefacts too." Annika Larsson*The Norwegian Vikings were more oriented towards the east than we have previously assumed, says Marianne Vedeler, associate professor at the museum of cultural history, University of Oslo in Norway." According to the Heritage Daily news "on the basis of the silk that has been found, there are indications that more silk came to Norway from Persia than from Constantinople [Istanbul].

Large amounts of the Oseberg silk have patterns from the Persian Empire [? This silk is woven using a technique called samitum, a sophisticated Oriental weaving method.

Some historians believe though that this was merely a figment of the “Arabs’ imagination [dating] back to the Zoroastrians After a discovery of Arabic characters on Viking burial garments went viral, the Viking woman who was found wearing an Islamic silver ring is hitting the headlines again.Come in and rule over us.’ Is it likely that the invitation was quite so polite? [61] jinn (jinni, djin, djinn, djinni, jin)(Link) [62] “Ibn al-Athīr’s Accounts of the Rūs: A Commentary and Translation” - Notes 7, Page 284 - [(Miquel 1967-80, II 332-4; Dubov 1981,26-7,28 n. Not everything over there is fully functional yet, and the internal links still point to this blog, and will for the indefinite future.The cup was likely brought to the region by ancient traders seeking walrus tusks, birds, and fur." Figure 43."The boss from a Viking shield (pictured) was recently found to contain Islamic coins in a leather purse.

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