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Momplusoneequalsfun: It will add another level of trust and intimacy between you and your son. Momplusoneequalsfun: That is the ultimate euphoria and ultimate purpose of a mother. Curiousmom: On that note, what do I have to do to get to go to one of these Incest island getaways? Momplusoneequalsfun: There is no purer love than one between a mother and a son. Curiousmom: You mean like wearing his cum all over my face while we left the theatre? She was helping the two women, so I walked around in awe of the technical advancements in the world of toys since my college years. "I'm definitely surprised," I nodded with a wicked smile, before adding, thinking of my son's big cock, "Although I do enjoy big things." "Don't we all," she agreed. We kissed for a couple of minutes before I said, "I love you, son." "I love you too, Mom," he said back. If you can't ask a saleslady in a sex shop for advice, how will you handle it when he begins requiring you to do stuff in public? Hot pink hosiery added a sexy touch to her otherwise conservative apparel. "You'd really want to watch me sixty-nine with my best friend? "I want to do with you, Mom," he smiled, leaning up and kissing me. Momplusoneequalsfun: Besides me, of course :) Curiousmom: Sorry! "God, Mom, you're going to wear me out before the day even starts," he joked, as he got off the bed.

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Truthfully, I can't imagine not being with him anymore. I can get you added to the list, but to ensure confidentiality you will have to make a video of you and your son that will be sent to the secret society to use as both security that you don't 'out' the group and as your family's introduction to the community.

They'll give you a plot and you can flesh it out so to speak into an actual porn scene.

She researched incest, chatted online with a woman who was sleeping with her own son, read stories of mother-son relationships and even watched incest movies. Part 2: "Mom-Son": A Romantic Date The next day, after their incestuous night together, Paul surprises his mother by taking her out for a romantic date (not as Mom and son, but as lovers) where they enjoy a meal at a five star restaurant and attend the musical 'Mamma Mia' where they use their private balcony to have some pretty hot sex. Momplusoneequalsfun: Plus, wait until you come to the resort. especially when you meet other mothers who accept and even share your way of life. I agreed, unsure both about whether I was going to let her know I knew, and also whether I could actually have sex with her.

Thanks: Tex Beethoven, Robert, Dave and Wayne for editing this story. being a full-time Mommy-slut is exhilarating and can almost become a full-time job.

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Thanks also to: All the votes, comments and e-mails about this series. Momplusoneequalsfun: Mine hasn't really figured out the sweet part yet. Curiousmom: I can't fathom how it could be any better.

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