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Never took initiative to plan anything fun and when he did something would always come up and we had to go to Plan B. I need to find the appropriate way to tell my supervisor that I do not want to supervise another intern next year.For all of the women who are reading this who would not be able to tolerate such behavior from your guy and prefer a take-charge man, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of “Why He Disappeared”. I wish I read this 6 months ago when I was dating a beta male cause I thought he just wasnt into me and we had many conversations about that.

He was a great guy too but figured he would eventually want to get married and have kids with someone.I wasn’t given any reduction in my normal duties for this, and it was not something I’d offered to do.It was a lot of work and was stressful because we have to share the same space which made working with student one-on-one very difficult.“Doing nothing” as I describe in WHD works with take-charge guys because those guys don’t need you to take charge. So instead of extrapolating my advice to apply to every man, make an adjustment based on the man you’re actually dating.The good news is that, if he’s a true beta, he’ll be THRILLED that you’re taking control.

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