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He established capital cities in Agra and Fatehpur Sikri (north-central India) and Lahore (Pakistan). When he died his empire was collecting more than sixty-five times the revenue of his English contemporary, Queen Elizabeth I.Akbars empire was not only great in size, wealth, and administrative organization, but also in humanistic ideals and practices.An artifact produced in the royal atelier of the Mughal emperor Akbar, the Hamzanama of Akbar originally included 1400 huge folios.The folios were arranged in 14 volumes, each kept in a large box.

Akbars court also incorporated considerable Persian culture, and Persian was the language used in the administration of government.

Akbar, a descendent of the Mongols who invaded south and western Eurasia, knew intimately the Islamic knowledge and practices that had been a key basis for civilization in much of the world for almost a millennium.

Akbar supported religious freedom for his subjects, the majority of whom were Hindu.

One current, popular encyclopedia indicates that 67,000 persons were killed in provincial violence following the St.

Bartholomews Day massacre, while a recent scholarly book, drawing on an earlier peer-reviewed article, estimates the number at 3,000.

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