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The donation also includes a small number of photographs and other items relating to the school’s history.

As well as these important records, information relating to the Church of England Infant School at Low Valley have been received; principally log books covering 1904-1937.

Due to falling numbers, the school closed shortly after this in 1940.

Councillor Roy Miller, Cabinet Spokesperson for Place said, “It is important that historic records relating to Barnsley’s history are preserved for future generations.

This database contains information about the real estate transactions that occurred in New York state since 1993.The triangular single-storey building has a large public area, including a reading room and community space for exhibitions, study or training.The archive will also fulfil an important role for the future geological disposal facility that is being developed for the UK, acting as a central repository for detailed waste records that must be safeguarded for many generations.“By placing Nucleus in Wick, the NDA is honouring our responsibility to help offset the economic impact of closing down sites that were once major regional employers.” NDA chairman Stephen Henwood, said: “Today we see a new chapter in the important role Caithness has played in the UK’s nuclear history.For many decades Dounreay was at the forefront of the development of the British, and world, nuclear industry and now Nucleus will see this knowledge protected for future generations.” Located near one the UK’s earliest nuclear research sites, Dounreay, the archive will have a dual role.

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Similar projects are underway in other areas of state government in Iowa.

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