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Our school had a great Industrial Arts program, with a variety of course tracks we could follow. I don't know, but I can take a look." Janelle slumped her shoulders as she stood up. You can't break it any worse than it already is." Slowly she walked out of the room as I gathered a few tools and followed a few seconds later. When I arrived in the sound booth/projection room of the auditorium Mrs. Without the sound system there was no way to go on with the dress rehearsal, and it was doubtful they could find another system and get it installed in time for the first performance Friday night. As the first movement opened up and the themes were presented she looked at me in awe. I don't really like classical, but I could like this!Woodworking and Architectural Drafting didn't interest me, and the Electronics/Electrical classes were all very elementary to me, but I took them anyway, just because Dave Hulvey, the teacher was a cool guy, and he had a cute daughter. Hulvey knew his class was not going to teach me anything, so he allowed me to use the equipment and design and build my own computer as a class project, provided also helped mentor some of the other kids in the class. Sylvester was flipping switches and pushing buttons vainly trying to get some life out of the box somehow. I started looking around at the sound board and what they had available and jotted down some notes on the back of a program the sound operator was using. " At her nod Janelle and I hurried out to her car, and she drove me home. "Most of it I have either rebuilt, or some of it I built from scratch. " She walked around looking, especially at my stereo set up. " "Well, there is a pre-amp, an amplifier, an equalizer, a receiver, turn-table, tape deck, an old eight-track I kept just for fun, a five disk CD player, a mixer, a couple of older game systems, a VCR, and a DVD player. " "Close your eyes and sit quietly now." I stopped the Fifth Symphony and slipped in the disk for Pachelbel's Canon in D Major. Needless to say, those names were an albatross about our necks the whole time we were growing up.He let me watch what he was doing with the absolute promise I would never take apart anything else in the house.

One young man let out a whoop when we walked in, and he quickly got naked (though his girlfriend made him get dressed again – I’ve often thought that I hoped he dumped her).

If you are looking for a quick jerk and a lot of heavy sex, you won't find it here. I was much more interested in taking things apart to see why they worked, which had disastrous consequences when I took apart our brand new projection TV, back when they were the new thing on the market.

This segment has more of a flavor of Exhibitionist and Voyeur, but I wanted to insert it in the First Time category as I believe it is a better fit for the continuation. Fortunately, the TV repair guy was able to put it back together. In fact, I had laid the pieces out so neatly it was easy for him.

What really made me the hero as far as Janelle, Mr. I should have asked a couple of the guys to come along but I'm really glad I didn't. When we walked into my bedroom Janelle's eyes bugged out. I built them myself for the room size and acoustics. "That was awesome," Janelle whispered as the last notes faded from our ears.

Hulvey's daughter was concerned was when I rescued the Junior Class Play. " She sat down in her dad's chair and held her face in her hands and started crying. They would have been a help, but they also would have been in the way. I also designed my own surround sound to fit the room." "It's amazing! I, who am an audiophile, sometimes forget how good I have it, and to see someone I like so much overwhelmed by the beauty thrills me.

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I started building out sets for friends and selling them, which made me some nice pocket change, and a name for myself. If it is just a tube it will be no problem, if we have one around." When she stepped out of the way I knelt down on the floor and pulled the cabinet out to where I could get a good look at it. Breathing these fumes can't be good for us." Janelle propped open the door as I opened the access panel. I'm amazed it still worked." I took one look at the charred wiring inside the box and closed the panel back up. The capacitor overheated and caught fire, burning the wiring out.

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