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The weather was unusually kind for a British Easter and the cottage was amazing too, and was more like two tiny cottages knocked together into one.

He’s going a bit grey but still has all his hair and is in great shape.Over the years we have seen a lot of each other, our kids getting on very well indeed, so it was inevitable that, after one of the many dinner parties at each other’s homes, it was suggested – and enthusiastically agreed - that the two families should try going on holiday for a week together as a group of eight the following Easter.Over the coming months, much after-dinner alcohol- fuelled debate ensued about where the holiday should be.’Sandie’ has read this story and is happy for me to publish it.She said it helped her re-live the best parts of the ‘incident’ without the guilt so here goes... If you don’t like wife swapping or infidelity stories, please don’t read any further.

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