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I pray for the victims, that they find it easy to redeem their purchases and do not lose hope in humanity. It baffles and disheartens me, Lord, how a person can take advantage of other people, often complete strangers, without even a consideration for how their actions will affect the person.My parents were scammed into believing her daughter, my sister, had been kidnapped after being involved in a car accident. They spent 4-5 hours terrified, running all over town at the demand of these terrible people.Cynthia Nixon and Christine Marioni Cynthia and Christine have been together since 2004 and have one child together, born last year.The couple frequently uses Twitter to flirt while apart and share tidbits about their days spent together.Slager’s sentence, and I pray his time in prison sparks a desire for him to have a relationship with you God.I pray this case does not influence people to believing all police are bad.

May we not judge or generalize the 99% based on the 1%. Heavenly Father, I pray for the victims of the shooting in the First Baptist Church in Sutherland, Texas yesterday morning. I pray that in the last moments of the 26 people who lost their lives to this gunman, they were filled with the holy spirit and felt peace and joy like never before.When they woke up this morning and went to church, they were likely expecting a day of worship and time with their families. The 12 children who died, Lord, Kelley was obviously a troubled man.He had a history of abusing his spouse, step child, and animals.Chely Wright and Lauren Blitzer The country singer and activist married this past August in Connecticut with both a rabbi and a reverend to accommodate their different Friday, police have said, noting that the deaths took place sometime between Wednesday evening and the time of the discovery.Officers have been combing the Theorets' house and a second home on the same street on Monday, looking for anything that could help them figure out how and why the killings happened.

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But God I pray that you will prevent people like Jennifer and Sara from being given the privilege and responsibility of raising children.

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