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The team retrieve the car and send various parts of it to Tower employees to compensate for their lost pensions.

As Josh is led to his cell, a satisfied smile slowly forms on his face. Affleck wanted to participate in the film as he was interested in playing a comedy role, saying "it sounded like a fun film to do.

Slide attempts to betray the team by reaching the safe first, having tricked Odessa into giving him lessons.

The team intercepts him at Shaw's apartment, and during the ensuing altercation, they break down a false wall, revealing Shaw's safe, which turns out to be empty.

Subsequently, Denham informs Josh that Shaw is scheduled to attend court on Thanksgiving during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade to avoid publicity, and that Shaw will be set free.

Josh and his team decide to break into Shaw's apartment during the parade.

I wanted to do a comedy, and I thought this was an opportunity to try and be funny."A Wall Street billionaire placed under house arrest for stealing billion.

They realize that Shaw used his money to buy gold, turn it into car parts, and assembled the car to hide the money in plain sight.Miss Iovenko arrives, telling the FBI that she passed her bar exam three days ago and is acting as Josh's attorney.She shows them Shaw's ledger and tells them she will turn it over in exchange for everyone's freedom.Plus, who could have known that, in this period of time, the global financial markets would teeter on the verge of collapse and the villain in our story would pale in comparison to some very real ones on Wall Street?Truth remains stranger than fiction." The idea for Tower Heist began development as early as 2005, when Murphy pitched a concept to producer Brian Grazer and Ratner concerning an all-star cast of black comedians including Chris Tucker, Kevin Hart, Dave Chappelle, Tracy Morgan, and Martin Lawrence, as a group of disgruntled employees who plan to rob Donald Trump and Trump International Hotel and Tower.

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