Single dating man and friendship

Problems over the years have cause casual conversation to be a problem, but I still care for her and do not want to leave.

I just need someone else who I can talk to, and who knows maybe this would help my marriage.

Shouldn't they be looking for more enjoyment with their spouse?

Do women believe that they can not have a true friendship with a married man?

Just because you don't sleep with someone doesn't mean it's not cheating, there is also emotional cheating where you share intimacy with someone besides your spouse.

Personally I think that anyone posting on a dating site that is married looking for friends of the opposite sex is just looking for a girlfriend/boyfriend on the side. If she is married, if she says she is looking for friends, and if she also says no married men, that is confusing.

Now, if someone has been friends with a man/woman *before* they were married, that's a bit different; but generally that person becomes a friend of the spouse also...unless they really can't stand each other... I have male friends that I caht about many subjects, but there our certain topics that would be better dicussed with a female.

But if one cares enough for their spouse, they make the effort to be friends with their freinds, and to be at least civil to the friends they're not that keen about. My partner and I have very little in common except our kids who our now grown up.

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Not everything between men and women is always about sex! Be careful and make sure your wife is equally close to her or at least approves.

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