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Dressed in a knight’s costume, Patterson was headed to his car after celebrating Halloween Downtown when the gang attacked, beating and kicking him, shearing his brain stem. For his part, Patterson said he doesn’t remember anything from the night of the attack 16 years ago.He had to learn how to walk and talk again, and divorced shortly after the attack.He said he had to confront the “new normal” of life with a brain injury, and it took a decade before he stopped wishing he’d been killed in that Downtown alley.“I can honestly say I’m happy now that I survived,” he said.I examined a number of gay skinhead sites and using content analysis examined the rhetoric used by gay racist skinheads to appeal to other White supremacists.I also joined online gay skinhead discussion boards to find out which topics members were discussing and to find members to recruit for interviews. Pulliam was in prison for a probation violation until November, and that’s about the time he and Landeau started dating, Ward said. Longtime family friend Eric Ward said Wednesday that the two victims were not shot.

I hope her kids are taken away from her soon I wasn't suggesting she was a decent person either. There's another video of her onyoutube somebody posted here...she's completely weird. She shaved her locks to prevent any long-term accounting of her drug-use. Can't any of you find someone closer to home to feel superior to? She should have at least come up with some kind of good reason like donating her hair to children with cancer. You say that she's an oooppppssss that was silly of me - won't be doing that again...kinda thing girl, where I have it on excellent authority that she's more an "Oops, I Did It Again! Leave the girl alone, so what shes going through a rough time, how many other people in this world are going though the same thing, but we dont sit here and bad mouth them now do we ?!? Police said in a criminal complaint that Pulliam owned a gun and that an “ax or hatchet” was found near Landeau’s body, but they didn’t release the victims’ cause of death pending an autopsy. “What Brian Pulliam is accused of — that’s just sad beyond rationale.”Pulliam was arrested Thursday morning in connection with the killings after a short standoff in a home in the North Valley near 12th and Candelaria NW. She went to fewer heavy metal concerts and stopped visiting with the many friends who adored her, friends said.“She started going out with Brian … Friends and family of Landeau — a model and mother of two boys — said she changed after she started dating Pulliam.

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