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I've had a number of great matches through them which would be virtually impossible if I tried it myself, and I'm happy to say that I was recently matched with a fabulous person." R. I have a wonderful man in my life thanks to Jess and the team!!I am eternally grateful." Maria, 8/24/2017 "The staff at Lunch Dates have been great!The matchmakers take the time to get to know clients and then provide them with an opportunity to connect with appropriate matches.The service makes dating far less stressful." Lisa, 6/29/2017 "Jill and the entire team at Lunch dates are amazing! The people are personable, kind, and genuinely care about coupling people who complement one another.

Start your next relationship with your best foot forward.- Metro UK: "An opportunity to meet someone face-to-face in an honest environment without the endless messaging, game-playing and faux confidence.It's dating without the booze and the bullshit." - NY Magazine's 'The Cut': "I saw plenty of connections being made...If you’ve never had the pleasure of hearing Wyatt Cenac and Sarah Vowell grilling someone about, say, why hips are so important, how amnesiacs play Tetris, or the bacteria of the NYC subway system, don’t pass up this opportunity, brought to you by the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival. , April 19, 7-9 p.m., Shubert Theater, 265 Tremont St., Boston., April 18, 6- p.m., Brattle Theatre, 40 Brattle St., Cambridge. Star Wars: A New Religion UK 2011 census data showed that, across the pond, more people identify as Jedi Knights than they do Scientologists.

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Now, maybe most of those 390,127 Jedis are taking the piss. Which means it’s a nine-location bonanza of exuberant, boozy lab-grade weirdness, from “Channeling Your Inner Pool Shark: The Physics of Billiards” at Flat Top Johnny’s to “Microflora in Brewing” at Cambridge Brewing Company.

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