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But script will not reveal the password, no matter where it is placed. Now Password Protector can either ask password only or login/password pair, depending on settings.Can we modify this so that we can also include username? Hi, Your password PHP script looks good and I want to use it at Go, my hosting service.So I created a PHP folder at com/PHP which is where I put the script.

Navigate to ...\Documents and Settings\[username]\Local Settings\Application Data\Adobe\Updater6 on Windows XP or ...\[username]\App Data\Local\Adobe\Updater6 on Vista and open Adobe Updater in Notepad. Everything else is working it's just that line seems not come up with the error. Could you please, ,please help me Great script, thank you for letting others have it. Can you please advice if depending on the password (password only option) can I redirect it to a particular page.. if there are 3 passwords say admin, normal, moderator then it should go to /if admin is selected, should go to if moderator is selected etc.. I do all my sites thru i Web off my mobile me automatic Publish. I have one question though and I hope somebody might be able to help me.Can I get the script without the cookies from where should i take off out of the code. but I cant make it work for the sever when I write I also must say that I found it kind of ironic that just minutes after downloading this protect-your-website script from here a month or two ago, this site was hacked. Multiuser support would be an awesome addition (user A has access to Page A, User B to Page B, ETC.) i know this can be don'e by duplicating and renaming the file though... My designer friends site I'm doing she just wants her Wholesale page to require a password but can't figure how to use your code for...? I there a possibility of multi-user password (each user to have their own unique password) and the password that have a duration. that password for 30 days after the expiration of the time they can renew it in another 30 days. I tried integrating it into our ecommerce website where I would like to have a separate section for b2b customers.Again, how would a web page point to the PHP script when its location is basically a URL, not an absolute path. Dave zubrag: In order to get your path for include statement open it in browser passing "help" parameter, i.e.: help It will show you the code to include in every webpage you would like to protect.

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I am getting this Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /data/web/virtuals/.........

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