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Governorate of Hakkari and Kars announced on 4 August 2015 that several regions in the provinces were decided to be military security zones for 15 days starting from 5 August 2015.

Entrance of civilians to the military security zones was also banned.

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On 7 August 2015, the police intervened the crowd who entrenched the roads in Silopi district of Şırnak to protest in the recent operations.A suicide bomb attack was organised on 2 August 2015 against Karabulak Gendarmerie Station in Doğubayazıt district of Ağrı. A gendarmerie station was attacked on 27 July 2015 in Kırıkhan village of Tekman district in Erzurum.[...] 28-31 July 2015 Daily Human Rights Report (07/144) Operations and Attacks in the Southeast… 3 PKK militants were reportedly wounded during the [...] 23-27 July 2015 Daily Human Rights Report (07/109) Protesters on Trial in İzmir…Known to be one of the most famous dating apps across the world, Tinder has only recently entered the Indian arena.Its algorithm, which can also be inarguably called its unique selling proposition is that the app has the ability to connect you with a person in less than a minute.

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Police intervention against the stands of political parties and publishing houses on Konur street in Ankara continued on 6 July 2015.

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