Updating cp3505 dc controller

We have a couple of these printers that are only having issues when printing color. So next would be to replace the transfer belt or sensor.

B/W comes out fine, however, colors are printing out and appear to be misaligned. We've tried swapping out all toner cartridges, transfer belt, fuser, DC controller. Do a color calibration from the print quality menu. well it would be the misregistration sensor however the service manual doesn't list it as an orderable part. So I'm thinking its sold in one of the assemblies most are either found around the pickup assembly or just below the fuser.

all new carts, ran several calibrations, full NVRAM reset, cleaned and reseated laser, engine test shows same results. Does anyone know where the misregistration sensor is located and how to clean it.

Other problems, please try to contact publisher's official support.

However, if the printer has been asleep for at least an hour, it will not print and instead report the "50.2 fuser error".

I just got off the phone with hp, who have decided to replace the fuser.

Hey I have a few windows 10 pc's joined to my domain which is windows server 2012 r2. If i check the BIOS of each pc the time has changed there also.

I have changed the CMOS Battery on both pcs and reset the bios to default.

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