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Under External Access Policy Global Policy: Modify the existing policy to allow remote user access, federation and public IM connectivity (all of these are optional).Click “Commit” when you have selected the options that are right for your environment Now under Access Edge Configuration Global Policy: Modify the existing policy to Enable Federation, remote user access and anonymous access to meetings. This allows our Lync users to automatically add Lync/OCS users from other environments without requiring administrative configuration.In OCS 2007 R2 we had to make sure the edge server could resolve the public name to the public IP, however, this box allows that requirement to be removed and we can just enter the IP here.Next we select our next hop server (the front end server) Next we click “Finish” and the wizard completes, we can now see our newly defined edge server in the Topology. Before we move on to working on the edge server we need to open the Lync Server Control Panel and configure our External User Access policies.Then we need to expand our topology, right click “Edge Pools” and choose “New Edge Pool” Click “Next” on the “Define Edge Pool” page Enter the FQDN you will be using for your edge and select “Single Computer Pool” Next we have a screen offering 3 options: For this scenario we have selected “Enable Federation (port 5061)” and “The external IP address of this edge pools is translated by NAT” Next we define our public names for the edge roles, notice all roles use port 443.I would highly recommend using this method if possible. Displays “Sent at…” after 3 minutes of inactivity 4. Extremely simple to integrate into existing site Demo Please load the following links in different browsers otherwise it wont work: (Note that due to users trying out the chat links below at the same time, it might work slightly erratically because the username is actually not supposed to be used by multiple users at the same time)Sample Chat User One Sample Chat User Two Sample Chat User Three Getting Started First download the module (link below)The script does not manage rosters (i.e. Keeps chat boxes open and stores state (data) even when pages are browsed/refreshed similar to Facebook 3. Auto-back-off polling policy (hits the server less-often when chat activity is low) 9.

The new record will be for “_sipinternaltls._tcp.lyncguy.com” and will point to sip.on port 5061.

Now we set the IP address for the internal network of our edge server.

In this scenario I have placed the internal NIC on the same subnet as the domain controller and front end server.

You must also make sure that $_SESSION[‘username’] is being set when your website session begins. Spread The Word If you like what you are reading, then please help spread the word by re-tweeting, blogging and dzone upvoting or use the Share This button below.

You will understand the logic better after you try the sample files that I have provided.

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To make this work you have to have an internal copy of the public zone and an external copy; this is commonly referred to as “split brain DNS”.

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