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See" echo "man pkgbuild for more info under SIGNED PACKAGES." pkgbuild --identifier "com.delicioussafari.

# DSTROOT=/tmp/SRCROOT=/tmp/INSTALLER_PATH=/tmp/trimcheck INSTALLER_PKG="TRIMCheck.pkg" INSTALLER="$INSTALLER_PATH/$INSTALLER_PKG" # # Clean out anything that doesn't belong.Hello World" \ --version "$VERSION" \ --install-location "/" \ "$/Hello World.pkg" pkgbuild --root "$/" \ --component-plist "./Package/Helper App Components.plist" \ --identifier "pkg.Helper" \ --version "$VERSION" \ --install-location "/" \ "$/Helper.pkg" productbuild --distribution "./Package/Distribution.xml" \ --package-path "$" \ --resources "./Package/Resources" \ "$" pkgutil --expand "$" "$" # Patches and Workarounds pkgutil --flatten "$" "$" productsign --sign "Developer ID Installer: John Doe" \ "$" "$" #!Package Maker was already removed from Xcode and moved into "Auxiliary Tools for Xcode", so hopefully it will be soon forgotten.The question is how do I use $ cd ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/Derived Data/.../Installation Build Products Location $ pkgbuild --analyze --root ./Hello Hello World App Components.plist $ pkgbuild --analyze --root ./Helper App Components.plist $ pkgbuild --root ./Hello \ --component-plist Hello World App Components.plist \ Hello $ pkgbuild --root ./\ --component-plist Helper App Components.plist \ $ productbuild --synthesize \ --package Hello --package \ VERSION=$(defaults read "$/$/Contents/Info" CFBundle Version) PACKAGE_NAME=`echo "$PRODUCT_NAME" | sed "s/ /_/g"` TMP1_ARCHIVE="$/$PACKAGE_NAME-tmp1.pkg" TMP2_ARCHIVE="$/$PACKAGE_NAME-tmp2" TMP3_ARCHIVE="$/$PACKAGE_NAME-tmp3.pkg" ARCHIVE_FILENAME="$/$.pkg" pkgbuild --root "$" \ --component-plist "./Package/Hello World App Components.plist" \ --scripts "./Package/Scripts" \ --identifier "pkg.

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If you are creating a signed product, for example if you want to submit it to the Mac App Store, signing all its component packages is not required: you should only sign the product archive using is the tool used to create product archives, that is: packages to be installed by users or to be submitted to the Mac App Store.

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