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The force of the current pushed giant floes onto the banks and up the ridge.

“Look at the beautiful river, the way it looks now,” her grandfather said.

S., where the Obama administration is simultaneously attempting to placate environmentalists and encourage a fossil-fuels industry that has created more new jobs than most other sectors since the 2007 recession. Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Pipelines, which would carry tar sands to the Pacific Coast of British Columbia for shipment to China and other parts of Asia on oil tankers, have met with nearly a decade of heated opposition from Canadians—including more than 130 First Nations.

Last year, to draw more attention to tar-sands development, Ontario native Neil Young traveled to the mining region to see things up close.

“Fort Mc Murray looks like Hiroshima,” he declared afterward.

The greatest concern is what happens if this development is allowed to continue.

The oil industry itself estimates that less than 10 percent of tar-sands deposits in Alberta have been extracted.

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