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His downfall culminates in misleading Dunder-Mifflin's shareholders via his websites sales numbers, effectively committing fraud as Oscar Martinez later claims.In Season 5 he returns with blonde highlights and a "work hard, play hard" attitude.As the series progresses, Ryan begins to display a great deal of contempt and disdain for both his coworkers and his job.This becomes more apparent when Ryan is promoted in "The Job" to work at Dunder Mifflin's corporate office in New York.This leads to Ryan becoming an egotistical braggart despite lackluster sales skills.

Despite his superior education, Ryan is not a good salesman—his first client tells him flat out that he does not like him.

In early episodes he is shown to be uncomfortable with his professional relationship with his boss, Michael Scott.

Michael often forces Ryan to carry out menial tasks for him while at the same time, becoming obsessed with Ryan's personal life as well as gaining Ryan's friendship.

Many of the staff, most notably Jim and Pam, note Ryan's ineptitude as an employee and that he sponges off his parents by living with them and driving his mom's car.

For the first episode and for much of season 1, Ryan's purpose in the show mirrors that of his British equivalent, Ricky Howard.

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