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In the pulse-pounding, chaotic music of The Doors, glimpses of artistic genius shine through the drug-influenced haze.In many ways, Jim Morrison is the poster child of the late 1960s: young, brilliant, and very disturbed.

Had he not overdosed in Paris in 1971, The Doors’ Jim Morrison would have been 67 years old this December 8.

He began to show up late and drunk for performances, famously trying to start a riot at a Florida concert in 1969, for which a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Morrison was a long-time poet, and in 1969 began releasing his work publicly.

Nearly 20 years before MTV and the rise of music videos, The Doors released conceptual films with their music, using shooting styles that would become popular with music videos far in the future.

The Doors spent the late 1960s with success after success.

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Best known for his role as the lead singer for the rock group The Doors, Morrison died at age 27 of a drug overdose.

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