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The second single from the album, "Perfect Nightmare", was released in August 2010.

In the first week of release, No Gravity placed at number 81 on the Billboard 200, selling 7,000 copies.

Her second album, No Gravity, was released in September 2010.

Shontelle was born in Saint James, Barbados, to Raymond and Beverley Layne, the oldest of three sisters.

Shontelle has stated that she was highly athletic when she was young, participating in track & field while excelling in school.

If you prefer you could directly visit the page you are on right now and check out the latest songs about the singer.While the title 'No Gravity' symbolises a mantra, Shontelle states she has adapted to her life and to her career, to motivate herself to keep climbing higher and to have nothing hold her down or hold her back.Shontelle collaborated with Bruno Mars, Tony Kanal and Darkchild among others for the record.As a hairdresser attaches and trims a dozen extensions, then gets to work with tongs, a make-up artist applies more layers of slap than a woman twice the singer's age would reasonably require.At the centre of the beauty storm, Shontelle exudes calm and the giggly charm of someone…

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Shontelle Layne, known professionally as Shontelle, is a Barbadian singer-songwriter.

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