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Now I get that Dead Rising 3 is a third party game, but it's an exclusive title and given the game's commitment to using as many of the new Xbox One features as possible, it's not unlikely that Microsoft had a bit of say in the development cycle.Today, Microsoft announced the first Xbox One system update.It disconnects me from live and restarts (Which I despise because it never reconnects to my group chat after).I have played at LAN parties and my Xbox seems to be the only one in the group updating the games.It's a giant-armoured-mech shooter that's entirely online multiplayer.According to Marc Whitten, chief product officer for Xbox One, the March update "will contain many new features and improvements, most significantly to our party and multiplayer systems".That's a weird response from Microsoft given that, as soon as Operation Broken Eagle was available for download, I got my colleague Seamus (the current keeper of the Xbox One) to check how big the download was. So now I'm even more confused — was the content for Operation Broken Eagle included in the 13GB update after all?If so, why wouldn't Microsoft just say that, when it was already being open about having content from Chapters three and four in there?

Or has Capcom got so damn good at programming, it really was just a 20MB add-on?I update games so frequently that it's getting on my nerves and I know these game developers are not releasing new updates as frequent as I'm updating.Is there a memory cache deletion option I need to change in the Xbox settings?This issue is likely due to a high increase in update traffic on the Microsoft server due to the Xbox One console launch, similair to the launch of the PS4.A possible work-around would be to attempt to update your console at a more optimal performance time, such as early in the morning (2AM - 10AM), as you are more likely to encounter a receptive updating time with people at school or work.

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Whole games can be downloaded with less damage done to bandwidth and storage space than that. Maybe it says more about the quality of my net connection at home than anything else, but I'm not exactly excited about downloading data for game content I'm not actually intending to buy.

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