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You could have a standard detail sheet with the details XREFed so that the sheet is always up-to-date.

If you need to revise a standard detail to be job specific or freeze the details specifics from changing during the course of the job, you can bind those details into your working drawing and edit as required within the current job.

Instead of retyping all this data or redrawing it (or creating “sticky backs,” for you old-timers) just XREF the PDF or image files into your working drawings.

Nearly every set of drawings utilizes some form of standard details.

By attaching FP-1 and then renaming it in the XREF dialog to FP-Demo, you can freeze and thaw layers as required to show the demo portion of the plan.

You then attach (not copy) the FP-1 plan again and freeze and thaw layers as required to show new work.

Throughout this article I will refer to the process of attaching external reference files as "XREF/XREFING," to the attached files as "XREFs," and to the drawing that you attach XREFs to as the “working drawing.” External references are much like the concept of blocks, which was the old school way of handling many of the functions now provided by external references.

• They keep your working file size small • They allow sharing of files while providing real-time updates • They are great for coordination As stated above, in what are External References, you see a lot of file types that can be attached to your working drawings.A great way to enhance your drawings is to IMAGEATTACH field photos in your drawings and add notes detailing the specifics.When working on large building projects or campus-wide projects, you can attach aerial views or screenshots from your favorite mapping program to visually show your site or campus.This is referred to as logical name versus actual name.An example would be attaching a floor plan (FP-1) that has demo and new work layers all in one drawing.

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